Mk Chocolate Wholesale


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Mk Chocolate Wholesale

Buy Mk Chocolate in bulk. If you are looking to retail or become a local distributor then the mk chocolate master box is perfect for you.  Our mk chocolate master boxes contain 10 mk shroom bars of the particular flavor. We can also do a custom mk bar wholesale order containing mixtures of the various flavors. We also have amazing discounts for customers who buy in bulk

Magic kingdom mushroom Packaging

The mk packaging is quite simple yet sleek with our mk logo right at the center of the bar. The name of the flavor can be seen at the bottom center of the bar. The back of the shroom chocolate bar has information about dosing and the unique qr code that can be used to verify the bar.

Always ensure that you checkout the package properly because a lot of replica’s can be found on dhgate. These are being used by people to sell fake mk shroom bars.

Effects of MK Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Magic kingdom musroom bars have similar effects to most psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars. The major effects of consuming our chocolate bars include:

  • Slow Reaction Time
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Hallucinations
  • It inspires relaxation and happiness

Listed above are just a few effects of consuming our bars and other mushroom chocolates in general. What makes fusion shroom bars different from the rest is the short, intense trip that hits you at had first. This leads to a full body high, finally leaving you in a completely relaxed state.

Where to buy Mk Chocolate Bars Wholesale

Due to the growth in popularity of psychedelic mushroom bars. The demand for mk shroom bars has also skyrocketed. Statistics in 2022 show that the magic kingdom mushroom bar made up 4% of the shroom bar market share. In just our first year we are already competing with industry giants such as the polka dot bars and fusion bars  . Just the mere fact that we are in competition with such big brands in just over a year after our release speaks much of the quality of our bars.

This high demand for magic kingdom chocolate bars has led to influx of many fakes in the market that claim to sell authentic bars. Most of these plugs are selling fake bars which will not give you the true fusion experience. We recommend that you make your purchase from a licensed dispensary or you can buy mk chocolate online on our website.

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